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I'm a software engineer specializing in gameplay programming.

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My name is Angelo Estoque, I am a software engineer specializing in game development in the areas of gameplay programming in Sydney NSW Australia. I'm a hardworking, team oriented person, although I am perfectly capable working independently.

I am always keen to learn new things. Especially when I learn something new and know that it will save me hours problem solving and speed up development. Also, I'm aware that I won't know everything and probably never will, since its impossible to do it with the massive expanding size of the software world. But that's okay, it will pretty boring otherwise, plus it doesn't feel good knowing that there isn't anything more to know, or I can't improve my skills further.

During my game development journey I've built games from concept to production, creating the character controllers, ability systems, AI enemies, npcs, custom shaders, mesh manipulation using programming, and more. You can view some of my favourite ones in the projects section.

In my free time I'm either playing games mainly fps or RPG, playing with my dog or working on a personal project which could be a personal game project, or learning something about a graphics API I'm interested in, which is currently WebGL 2 right now.

Some of the technologies I have worked with recently:

Featured Projects


  • UE5 | Blueprints | PC | Group Project | University
  • I was the lead programmer in this project and used blueprints for development.
    My Major Contributions:

  • Advanced 3rd person platformer movement
  • Procedural jiggle animation for softbody physics
  • Custom interpreter for rich text block
  • BP exclusive async level loader
  • Profile and optimize for performance

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    Advanced OpenGL

  • OpenGL | C++ | PC | Solo Project | Personal
  • I wanted to learn more about the OpenGL API and made an application that goes beyond rendering a simple cube and applying a simple colour or texture on the shape.
    Some of the advanced features include:

  • Procedurally generating terrain mesh using perlin noise
  • Procedurally generated foliage with geometry shaders
  • Framebuffers
  • Shadow Mapping
  • 2D and 2.5D text rendering

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  • Unity | URP | C# | PC | Game Jam (Group) | Personal
  • First person puzzle platformer, that was heavily inspired by the portal games.
    Submitted to the Billy Blue Jam Factory.
    Won best mechanical design award.
    My Major Contributions:

  • Custom stencil shader pass
  • Advanced platformer movement
  • Scriptable objects for input handling
  • Async level loading

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    Working on it...

    Coming soon...

  • ?? | ?? | Solo Project | Personal
  • Working on it so the page is still empty... Come back again in the future when I have the vertical slice ready!


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    Feel free to message me on linkedin or through email.

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